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Leadership Challenges

As a company grows, the development of its people is critical for sustainability of success.

As a leader, you want to generate impact on your people.  Do these resonate for you? 

Do you want:

  1. Increased productivity & effectiveness in current roles?
  2. Increased capacity for future growth in current roles and beyond?
  3. Increased personal satisfaction?

Do you want:

  1. Team learning, so the overall organization grows stronger?
  2. Where individuals support each other,
  3. Where everyone benefits – owners, employees, customers, industry colleagues, and the community as a whole?

Then this system may assist you on your journey.

The Developing Career™ is a system of 3 coordinated programs of career and leadership growth.

Level 1: Core Skills Development

For everyone from receptionists and front-line employees, right through to the back offices, and all the way to the field and branch locations, including both staff and managers.

The Goal: How to generate results at a whole new level. 

Areas Addressed

  1. Understanding Self
  2. Working with others
  3. The job / Role

Results Individually

  • Gain a deeper understanding of self
  • Understand what drives behaviours of others
  • Gain practical tools to work more effectively with others

Results Collectively

  • Creation of a common language and improved communication
  • Increased effectiveness and accountability
  • A bonded team culture

Level 2: Management Skills Development

For managers, department heads and team leaders; specifically, those who have others reporting directly to them. You are accountable for the results of others, this program is designed for you.

The Goal: How to achieve superior performance, through others.

Areas Addressed

  1. Engaging employees
  2. Dealing with uncertainties & difficulties
  3. Other management skills

Results Individually

  • More effectively tap individual talent to generate a stronger collective performance
  • Learn effective & respectful skills to manage difficulties among the team
  • Better navigate uncertainty and change
  • Grow the team’s effectiveness skills

Results Collectively

  • A process for consistent evaluation of team treatment and morale
  • Improved communication & productivity
  • Superior results and team performance

Level 3: Leadership Skills Development

For owners and top leaders growing entrepreneurial organizations

The Goal: How to create and unfold a compelling future.

Areas Addressed

  1. Developing a top leadership team
  2. Vision and strategy
  3. Leadership mastery


  • A clearer direction for the future that compels everyone in the organization
  • The evolution and development of the right team for the organization’s stage of development
  • Specifics on how to unfold the appropriate strategies to achieve the organization’s vision
  • Growth in top leader’s personal skills of leadership into the future

Article: Issues Within Leadership

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Michael Walsh, President of Kaizen Consulting

Michael Walsh, President of Kaizen Consulting, speaking about business growth and what it takes to make it.

A business should serve the goals and commitments of its owners."
- Michael Walsh

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Matt Whale, CFO

Sponge UK

If it wasn’t for all of Michael's support we would never have seen a five fold increase in turnover, a five fold increase in staff, and an immeasurable increase in core skills amongst all of our team in the last three years.

Louise Pasterfield, Managing Director

Sponge UK

Since working with Michael as my mentor from 2010, my company has grown eight fold. Michael has helped me rethink almost every aspect of my business and breakdown the barriers to achieving my goals…finding him has proven a catalyst moment for my company.
Doris Hager

Doris Hager, President

Hager Design International Inc.

Michael's greatest strength, is seeing from the outside, the weaknesses and opportunities inside companies, their leaders, and employees. His intuitive and knowledgeable guidance has helped countless businesses overcome their blockages and achieve previously unimaginable levels of growth.

Bill Locking, Senior Partner

CEI Architecture

I know that his approach indeed worked, as Michael assisted in the growth of our company from $3M to $11M.

William F. Jones, Jr., CPA, Partner

Anton Collins Mitchell, LLP

His approach is different and provides new solutions to overcome many of the common business myths. Having engaged Michael's services for my own business, I can attest to the validity of his methods. Business and its challenges evolve, the solutions should too.

Darryl Condon, Managing Principal

HCMA Architecture + Design

Since 2010, when we first started working with Michael Walsh, our company has grown consistently, and most importantly with purpose. The insights that Michael brings, have given us the tools to grow, strengthen, and shape our business, consistent with our values. We are considerably stronger, more united, and having a lot more fun.

Debbie Samsom, PhD. (R.Psych.), President

Back In Motion

In addition to the growth we have achieved with our one-on-one work with Michael, we had 42 people within our company, complete the Developing CareerTM leadership program. It’s been transforming for our organization in many different ways – ways that I would never have anticipated.

Kim Deep, CPA. CMA, President

Business By Numbers Ltd.

Michael passionately shares insights, strategies, and tools in a simple and engaging manner that will change your thinking and results forever.
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