Adding People ($500K – $2M)

Business Challenges At This Level:

  1. Attracting and selecting the best people to deliver the promises you make to your customer.
  2. Increasing people’s performance on a consistent, predictable basis.
  3. Managing cash flow and profits for team building and growth.


  1. Provide full training and support to recruit and select A-Players:
    • Clarify what roles to fill and in what order.
    • Define those roles so they’re easy to fill and set up for future management.
    • Write compelling ads to attract best-fit candidates.
    • Select A-Players using the “Six Baseline Criteria”.
    • Detail a process that weeds out near-misses.
  2. Develop the processes and structures to support your people to deliver powerfully in the areas of:
    • Sales and Marketing.
    • Production and Delivery.
    • Finance.
    • Human Resources.
  3. Create tools and support to easily …
    • Understand financials.
    • Develop and maintain a cash flow forecast.
    • Identify and work with those items that impact profitability.
    • Find hidden sources of cash flow and funding.
    • Use financial metrics to steer your company’s growth.


Article: Issues When Adding People

Survival and success are two very different creatures.

Twenty years ago, only 15% of new businesses survived their first five years. Today, that number’s up to 45%. But don’t be fooled.

Less than 15% of all businesses will earn $1M in revenue. And a mere 5% of those who reach $1M will ever hit the $5M mark. So … what’s their secret?

Simply put: the combination of people and support systems.


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Michael Walsh, President of Kaizen Consulting

Adding People To Grow Your Team

How do I attract and hire people who are a great fit for my business, while watching both profitability and cash flow?"
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Matt Whale, CFO

Sponge UK

If it wasn’t for all of Michael's support we would never have seen a five fold increase in turnover, a five fold increase in staff, and an immeasurable increase in core skills amongst all of our team in the last three years.

Louise Pasterfield, Managing Director

Sponge UK

Since working with Michael as my mentor from 2010, my company has grown eight fold. Michael has helped me rethink almost every aspect of my business and breakdown the barriers to achieving my goals…finding him has proven a catalyst moment for my company.
Doris Hager

Doris Hager, President

Hager Design International Inc.

Michael's greatest strength, is seeing from the outside, the weaknesses and opportunities inside companies, their leaders, and employees. His intuitive and knowledgeable guidance has helped countless businesses overcome their blockages and achieve previously unimaginable levels of growth.

Bill Locking, Senior Partner

CEI Architecture

I know that his approach indeed worked, as Michael assisted in the growth of our company from $3M to $11M.

William F. Jones, Jr., CPA, Partner

Anton Collins Mitchell, LLP

His approach is different and provides new solutions to overcome many of the common business myths. Having engaged Michael's services for my own business, I can attest to the validity of his methods. Business and its challenges evolve, the solutions should too.

Darryl Condon, Managing Principal

HCMA Architecture + Design

Since 2010, when we first started working with Michael Walsh, our company has grown consistently, and most importantly with purpose. The insights that Michael brings, have given us the tools to grow, strengthen, and shape our business, consistent with our values. We are considerably stronger, more united, and having a lot more fun.

Debbie Samsom, PhD. (R.Psych.), President

Back In Motion

In addition to the growth we have achieved with our one-on-one work with Michael, we had 42 people within our company, complete the Developing CareerTM leadership program. It’s been transforming for our organization in many different ways – ways that I would never have anticipated.

Kim Deep, CPA. CMA, President

Business By Numbers Ltd.

Michael passionately shares insights, strategies, and tools in a simple and engaging manner that will change your thinking and results forever.
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